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Aakaash B. Photography | Long Island Boudoir, Portrait, and Fashion Photography


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Aakaash B Photography | Long Island Wedding Photography

Welcome to the beginning of your wedding experience.

Aakaash B Photography is a Long Island based professional photography team. We do our absolute best to ensure our bridal couples and families are not only confident in our abilities, but also completely content with our services. 

Shooting with us is a little different from what you may have encountered in the past. Our whole team is sort of different. Not only do we have fun at your wedding or event, but we put in a lifetime's worth of passion and mastery into your entire magical night. We aren't the ones who get frustrated from missing a shot, simply because we always "get the shot". We aren't the ones who intrude onto private conversations and small groups when photos are unwanted, we come back later. 

To sum it up, we're fun. We're courteous. To top it off, we're confident.

Booking a wedding through Aakaash B Photography means a lifelong friendship with your photographer(s), 24hr support, quick turnaround time, and the best images that you've ever seen.

Our photography packages are suited for those who want a creative way to remember their big day and magical night. Not only do we shoot with mastery, we edit and retouch with mastery as well. Not only do you receive a professional team and awesome results, we're fun(ny) as hell too!


So, why book with us?

We aren't "generic" like 99% of the other photographers out there. We don't stick to the "conventional" angles and shots that most do repeatedly only to be "copied" by other artists. We bring in our own creative point of view and our own unique stylings. We even offer a unique "storyteller script" previously unheard of in the industry. Your wedding story can be written out into compelling text by a talented young scholar on premium printed paper. ABP exclusive? I think so! 

Most importantly, we DON'T put your images through automatic "filters" and call it "retouching". We take our time, one image at a time. Our goal is to deliver a unique storytelling set of images minus all the shortcuts, easy workarounds, and "copycat" activities. 

Want to learn more? Click Here to open a page with information about our retouching services as well as true-to-life examples.

Next, read our Testimonials to see what past clients have to say about the ABP shooting experience!

We don't sell you wedding images, we offer you a wedding experience.

-Aakaash & The Team


Please contact us to book a Wedding Experience package, for information, or to arrange a meeting. 

Full wedding coverage including Perfectionist© retouched images starts at $1,699.