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Why Our Boudoir Models Are Stronger Than You.

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Aakaash B Photography is an award winning group of talented young artists based in Westbury, NY. Serving Long Island, New York City, and much of the Tri-State area. We often find ourselves working with beautiful new faces and other very talented individuals. Whenever we shoot, we arrive on location armed with everything we need to deliver amazing photographs. Lighting, lenses, cameras, assistants, and talented cosmetologists are part of our arsenal. 

We recently developed and launched our Sponsored Model Program in the Long Island and NYC area. Consisting mainly of boudoir, lingerie, fashion, and portrait photographs, we've been on a hunt to select 12 aspiring women who have lots to bring to the table and talent that's worth showing to the world. After receiving over 150 local applications in Long Island alone, we still have yet to select all 12 models. These individuals would receive 3-5 shoots a year, gear, event invites, and bragging rights. 

Though we would like to accept all our applicants, we simply do not have the means to handle such a large capacity. To those who have not received a call from us, we do apologize and invite you to apply next year. Demand has been through the roof.



It has come to our attention that one of our extremely beautiful and talented models, Janine, has become a target for people to attack. She has received countless insults, hate, and even threats to a degree all because she had an amazing photo shoot done. Due to these individuals personally or indirectly attacking her via social media and word of mouth, Janine has become uncomfortable and somewhat afraid of what people say about her.

Well, here's what we have to say about the whole issue. To those who are guilty of partaking in any hate against our gorgeous model, read on and pay attention.

When Janine applied, she was one of 124 applicants. She even decided to follow up with us post-application to check on her acceptance status. With all the demand, it was difficult for us to even properly converse with her. Ultimately, we did, and we're glad we did. 

Janine had the courage to complete a boudoir session with us. She had the courage to select outfits, learn and practice posing, and do it all with our entire team in the room. She had the courage to be confident with herself and her body, her intricate tattoos, and the act of maintaining her overall calm demeanor in front of a camera. She then had the courage to celebrate, share, and show off her photographs because they were beautiful. They were not low-budget, they were not pornographic, and they were not generic. 


Her photographs brought a ton of class to the otherwise generalization stating that tattoos are "slutty" or "trashy". 



Newsflash people! We are artists. We shoot, we retouch, and we present our artwork. Janine is an artist herself. She posed, learned how to properly express her body language and facial expression, and not to mention she enjoys painting and drawing. 

Our makeup artist spent four hours preparing her for the session. 

Oh, and here's the kicker. Her tattoo artist(s) spent countless hours perfecting hand-drawn pieces of art on her body. Yes, this is art. 

Janine's tattoos are not visible when fully clothed. When we saw them, we were stunned and amazed. Despite being expensive, they were pieces of art that Janine has decided to wear on her skin forever. She does not regret them one bit. Why should she not show them off? Every tattoo was perfectly lined, inked, and sealed. They were all well-taken care of.

So, with all the stress Janine has been through, we decided to interview her and get her opinions on the shoot, the photos, and the "hate".

To the "haters" who have only criticized this beautiful young woman, read on. This is why our models, and any other model confident with her body, is braver and stronger than you are.




Why did you become a model with us?

I became a model with you because you came highly recommended by a good friend of mine. I saw her pictures, thought she looked amazing and figured why not?

What is your opinion on women that opt for boudoir/lingerie photography sessions?

I have no opinion. If that is what the woman wants to do then that's her prerogative.

How did you feel before, during, and after our photo shoot?

Before the shoot I was a little nervous but definitely more excited. During the shoot I felt comfortable and I had tons of fun. After the shoot I was even more excited than I was before the shoot because I couldn't wait to see how the photos came out!

Are you proud of your photographs?

Absolutely. It was a joint effort of course but coming from someone who is extremely self critical, prone to pointing out my own flaws and constantly putting myself down, I can honestly say I think I look beautiful in the photographs. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously blind.

Give us a breakdown of your week before the shoot. How did you prepare yourself physically and mentally?

I didn't really prepare. I maintained my usual gym schedule and "diet." As for mentally, I just tried to remember some poses of some of the sexy chicks I follow on Instagram.

Did our team make you uncomfortable at all?

Not at all. You were all awesome.

Pick five of your closest friends. Without revealing names, what did they think about the whole idea?

Some of them were concerned, but most of them thought it sounded like fun.

Why did you choose to apply as an ABP Sponsored Model?

Because why not? It seemed like an excellent opportunity to not only gain exposure for myself but to help an awesome up and coming photographer build their portfolio. It was a win win. Plus photo shoots are fun! It reminds me of when I was a little girl playing dress up and feeling pretty. 

What are your opinions on women that choose to take semi-revealing photographs?

As previously stated, I don't have an opinion on the subject. Speaking for myself, however, I will say that it is nobody's business. I work very hard for my body between the gym and trying to eat right, why shouldn't I show it off? It is not my belief that women should hide themselves and be overly modest in the hopes to avoid being labeled a slut or a whore. Especially when it comes to tattoos. Posing in anything other than lingerie would be hiding the art that I am proud to wear.

Do you feel as though women are empowered and embrace their youth and beauty through boudoir or lingerie photography?

I feel as though they could be empowered, but the fear of what others may think deters them from the opportunity. I had girls message me saying they wished they had the courage to take pictures like I did and it honestly breaks my heart. Women these days are so insecure and body conscious that they fail to see what really makes them beautiful and it has nothing to do with how they look in a picture. I think true beauty radiates from within and sometimes, in the right light, you can capture it perfectly and thats why I admire photography and modeling. I just wish there weren't so many social stigmas attached to the subject.

Why didn't you just opt for portraits or fashion?

I did not opt for these because I wanted to be able to display my tattoos. I know almost everyone has at least ones these days but I still believe that ink is an awesome representation of one's uniqueness and individuality. Also because of the fact that I spend a significant amount of time at the gym and I'm proud of the results I've been seeing and feeling. Why should I hide these? If I'm not uncomfortable in minimal clothing in front of a camera and on social media, why should anyone else try to make me feel otherwise? Besides, girls in bikinis are actually wearing less clothing than I am in these pictures so I really don't see what the big deal is. 

Define "success" for us.

Success, to me, means you set out to do/accomplish something and did/accomplished it. Simple.

Why do you feel as though some people look down on lingerie models?

I'm not sure why, I just wish they wouldn't. I don't get why some people care about what other people do. I think they should worry more about themselves, but that's just me.

Do you feel like our session defined you as a person? Are the photographs a "summary" of who you are?

No not at all. I am multi-faceted. Perhaps the photo's represent one side of me, but there is much more to me (and everyone for that matter) than what meets the eye and what is represented in these photographs. Do I have a crazy, sexy wild side that doesn't give a f***? Yes, but I also have a nerdy side, and artistic side, a sensitive side and an overly compassionate side, none of which are emphasized in these photos. 

Why do you believe you have "haters"?


Have these "haters" damaged your self-esteem?

I try not to let them, but yes, they have.

If you could shoot with us all over again, would you?

Absolutely! And I plan to!



There you have it. To anyone spreading hate about Janine, please stop. Consider what she was brave and confident enough to do, then ask yourself why you aren't.






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