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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer

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When people are shopping around for photographers, if looking into professionals, many seem to seek out the "budget guys" or the newcomers. Some even choose to cover their own events and take their own photographs without realizing the value of hiring a professional. Here are five reasons why we think you should hire a professional photographer for your imaging needs. Guys, the "Facebook wedding album" days need to die.

1. We've been shooting for our whole lives, or most of our lives.

Just like anyone else who really enjoys doing something, we really enjoy taking photographs. Chances are, we've been shooting for years and we've put in the time and effort to master our craft.

2. We aren't just "guys with a fancy camera."

It's easy for someone to walk into a major retailer and pick up a new fancy digital SLR camera for $1000 and under. This alone doesn't mean you're getting perfect, industry-quality images. Professionals usually spend thousands (sometimes over $20,000) on just equipment alone. Unlike buying a new shirt or a new pair of jeans, our equipment actually serves a purpose other than "showing off." We take the time out to learn how to utilize every piece of equipment we buy. 

3. We're confident.

If you or someone you knew gave the task of capturing the "I do!" kiss at a wedding, then the person given this task must be trusted. What if they just started shooting, what if they don't shoot at all? Are they prepared? For professionals, we're always ready to capture the "key shots" of a wedding or event way before it even occurs. Our cameras are ready, we've cleared the way, and our lighting is ready. When it happens, we know we'll capture it the way we intended to capture it in our heads. Professionals are confident that we can cover anything that we're obligated to cover. We don't get nervous about messing up, because we don't mess up.

4. We know how to compose, shoot, and retouch.

Professionals know exactly how to compose a shot, how to frame it, how to adjust our camera settings, and how to ensure that the shot comes out perfectly or as near to perfect as possible. Professionals know how to "see light" and how to manipulate it. Wherever we are, we learn how to utilize the lighting available to us and we know how to add light in such a way that our images "pop" and exude emotive elements. Once we're done shooting, professionals know how to edit the images properly before making them final. Retouching, and high-end retouching for that matter, is something that most professional photographers and their teams have in their arsenal. I know that we do. If a "photographer" ever tells you that they can "get the image right the first time in the camera", they're lying to you. Chances are, they aren't confident in their retouching abilities.

5. We know how to tell a story.

Whether we're shooting a wedding, a series of portraits, a party, or a sultry boudoir session, we know how to "string" images together to tell a story. We know how to get our audience to visualize a series of events while looking at our images. We know how to transmit emotive elements from our photographs to the viewer's mind. It's difficult to be a still photography storyteller. Video in that sense allows for greater flexibility, but the storytelling effects from a series of still images allow for the use of imagination and leave a greater impact and more time for thinking. When you hire a professional to photograph your wedding, you're hiring a storyteller to not only be there for every important shot, but also to deliver to you the value of what you paid for in a nicely packaged visual story.


There you have it! These are our top five reasons about why we suggest you hire a professional photographer for your big day, your portrait session, or your event. 


What about you? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment or send us an email and let us know. 

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-Aakaash Bali



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