Aakaash B. Photography | Long Island Fine Art, Portraiture, and Boudoir Photography


My name is Aakaash. Some people call me Adam for short, or “Kaash” sometimes. 

I was born in New York City on a cold October day. I grew up in Queens, NY spending most of my childhood drawing, being fascinated by movies, and watching 90’s cartoons (because we all did, right?)

One day, my father brought home a 35mm Minolta film camera. He’d basically follow me around taking pictures of me because I was his one and only kid. When I turned 10, I conveniently took his camera and started taking pictures of people’s expressions, patterns, colors, and anything that told visual story. It became a bit of an obsession. 

I focused solely on my photography skills until I was around 14. At that age, I picked up a very early version of Photoshop and spent hours each day drawing, painting, and sketching. Once I bought my first professional digital camera, I started editing the images I shot. I practiced until I figured out how to make a great image even better. 

When I turned 18, I began privately teaching photography and Photoshop. By then, I had a business up and running. I continuously drew inspiration from movies and real-life moments. I started observing color, light, and how the two worked together to evoke a certain emotion.  

Over the years, I taught myself more and more about the one thing I was passionate about. My photography and Photoshop became my life. To this day, the passion never once faded. If anything, it grows bigger each day. 

I try and create images in ways that they seem cinematic and emotional. I suppose “emotionally driven photographs” describes my work pretty well. I’ve been able to adapt this style to a few different genres of photography. I'm addicted to storytelling, colors, and powerful lighting + atmospheric elements.

Combining photography and editing to create stories has become my goal.

I started this business because I wanted to prove to myself that I could make a living off what I loved doing. I wanted my purpose in life to create stories through my art. I’m closer to my goal now than ever before.

Other than that, I’m a pretty simple person. I enjoy art, cinema, driving, exploring, and cooking. I love meeting new people and building lifelong friendships. I love creating photographs that people hold close for years to come.


Aakaash B Photography
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