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Aakaash B. Photography | Long Island Boudoir, Portrait, and Fashion Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session generally last?

On average, our session length is dependent on the package that you've purchased. Usually, sessions last between 60-90 minutes. However, we don't put a "hard limit" on the session length. We'll continue shooting until we're comfortable with the quality and quantity of the images that we've captured. You'll never feel rushed.


What makes the ABP Experience different?

We're funny. We joke, we converse, and we're social. You'll feel like you're having a photography session with a friend, not a stuck-up Hollywood art director. We don't let our light and open humor get in the way of our professionalism. We'll show you all the respect in the world and we'll deliver results that you'll love. For example, for a large boudoir session, we'll make you feel comfortable by conversing and "killing dead silence". You'll be talking, laughing, and having a good time. Plus, we'll even bring some complimentary champagne and a custom music playlist for you, if you're 21 or over at least. Younger clients still get music!


How long before I get my photographs and prints?

We deliver proofs of your images within 5 days, usually sooner. Then, we'll pick out our favorite images and send you a recommendation list. You make the final call on what will be retouched or you can allow us to choose for you. We're artists after all, we have an eye for these things!

Retouching generally takes 10-15 days. We spend hours on a single photograph to get it perfect and we'll refuse to release an image if it's completely unusable. If you order prints, they will arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 days.


How far do you travel?

We are stationed in Westbury, NY. We will travel up to 25 miles for your session. If you are further away, we can still travel for an additional fee.


Do you provide lingerie for your boudoir sessions?

No. Quite honestly, we feel that stocking and re-using lingerie on different clients is unhygienic. We do not support the industry doing this either.

We'll happily give you a recommendation based on what you have in your closet, what you can order online, or we'll even travel with you to purchase a new set. This way, regardless of if you use your own pair or order/purchase a new one, you'll get to keep it and know that you're the only one who's ever worn it. 


Do you shoot weddings and events?

Unfortunately, we have discontinued coverage for all events, weddings, and gatherings. We apologize for the inconvenience.


What is "The Perfectionist© System"? What makes it different?

The Perfectionist© System is a method of high-end image retouching developed by our founder, Aakaash. The system utilizes a bottom-up image processing model that focusses on large details before moving on to smaller details. While very complex, the system allows us to do things to your images that an artist normally could not do. 

Many photographers simply "batch process" or "speed edit" your images, spending less than 5 minutes on an otherwise wonderful shot. They then charge you a hefty sum of money for this process. With our system, you get what you pay for. Our job doesn't become any easier and we don't try to make it easier. We retouch with expertise and patience. We deliver art, not "generic" images. Believe us when we say that it's impossible to "get the image right in the camera." We believe in endless potential, not limiting ourselves.

Read up on the Perfectionist© System and see some examples of how amazing it is! 


Can you offer me a custom package for my session?

Yes! Before any session, we take the effort to meet with our clients to discuss packages and plan extraordinary ideas together. If our recommended packages don't suit your needs, we'll come up with a custom one for you!


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, PayPal, and all major credit cards. We can also split payments for you for invoices over $500. We also offer a 15% discount to students with valid identification. 


I have an awesome location for my photo shoot! Will you work there for me?

As long as it isn't inside an active volcano, underwater, or on a trapeze line, yes. 

Well, we can talk about the volcano. It would be pretty cool. 


I don't quite need portraits. Why would I need another photo shoot?

Portraits and commercial photography are exactly what they sound like. They're photos designed to be a "reference" of you as a person, nothing more. We capture art, not generic images. Booking a shoot with us will leave you with pieces of art that you can share and cherish for a lifetime. The difference is immediately noticeable. We don't take "reference images" (unless that's what you want), we take photographs that completely portray you as a person.


I need a session as soon as possible! Will you be available on short notice?

Generally, we are able to accept last minute bookings. However, in the event that we are unavailable, we will send an Aakaash B Photography Certified imaging professional to your session.


Help! I booked a session two weeks ago and we're shooting tomorrow! I woke up with a breakout and I don't feel comfortable shooting. Should we reschedule?

No! our retouch system will eliminate any blemishes that may arise in your photographs. The possibilities are endless with our retouching. There's no need to reschedule, we promise.


Do you offer video/cinematography services?

Aakaash B Photography is tightly affiliated with BapMan Films, our partner company. We will both film and coordinate with them to deliver any video you may need. We will also handle delivery and communication to make your experience seamless and enjoyable.

Visit http://www.bapmanfilms.com for more information.



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