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So, you're somewhat intrigued by boudoir photography. You love how something so risqué can be so classy and artful at the same time. Yet, you look at boudoir photography all over the internet and you start becoming self-critical, pointing out all your flaws and finding excuses not to book a session. 

Don't fret! You CAN and SHOULD book a session! Here are 10 reasons why!


1. You're your own worst critic. People are known to constantly point out their own flaws and blemishes. People other than yourself love you just the way you are. Believe them!

2. You're probably turning small issues into nuclear disasters. You point out little flaws that really won't make a huge difference in your photos because they're so trivial or can be easily corrected. Be proud of yourself and love your body!

3. You probably feel like you need to "prep" before you book. Chances are, if you think you need a little extra "edge" whether it's to lose a few pounds or attend a spa day, you're already an amazing version of yourself and you'll look amazing anyway.

4. Good boudoir photographers know how to bring out the best version of yourself. If you choose the right photographer (ahem, us!), then you're in good hands. Professional boudoir photographers know how to pose women of all shapes and sizes and how to make them look incredible. 

5. Photoshop is your friend. Even though there seems to be an "anti-Photoshop" movement happening in the fashion world, that doesn't mean you should completely hate photoshop. The majority of striking, amazing photos according to strict industry standards are retouched and retouched very well. Small little blemishes that may bother you can most likely be removed. Plus, good photographers must also be good retouchers. 

6. Professional photographers will respect your privacy. Some models are completely fine with their awesome photos being put online. If you choose to keep your boudoir photographs private, photographers won't distribute them. If you book with us, we ask you if it's okay to distribute them online first. If not, we won't!

7. Your friends will be jealous. Well, yeah. Jealousy isn't the best thing in the world, but you'll have some bragging rights. If you have the confidence to book a boudoir session, you might even inspire some of your friends to do the same.

8. If you're taking photos for a special person in your life, they already love you just the way you are. Having boudoir photographs taken for your significant other is not only a very thoughtful and playful gift, but they already love you and your body and won't go pointing out your flaws. Your flaws are what make you perfect!

9. Boudoir photography is a huge confidence boost. Since you chose a great photographer and you two have created great photographs together, you'll be reminded of how beautiful you are and how great of a model you can be. This alone will give you a surge of confidence in accepting just who you are. 

10. Booking a boudoir session is a thrill. This is a very specific, unconventional photographic art form. You aren't shooting "boring" portraits or "generic" posed beauty shots. You're shooting something sexy, expressive, and bold that most women wouldn't think about. Your body is still part of you, so why only show off your face? 




So, what are you waiting for? Love who you are! Book a boudoir session today!



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