Why You Shouldn't Look For the Best Price on Boudoir Photography

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In the world of Professional Photography, you'll find hundreds, if not thousands of photographers. Many are highly skilled, many are still learning, and many are very new to the industry. 

The entire industry is also full of photographers who cut corners on retouching, outsource to third-world countries, or simply do not retouch photographs at all. 

Some people operate in studios, delivering similar yet consistent photographs to all their clients. Some operate on location or actively seek out venues to shoot in or accept the challenge to shoot in a space provided by the model. 

One of the largest issues in the industry is price. Specifically, competing on price. 

Some photographers are "too good to be true" in terms of pricing while others are extraordinarily expensive. 

The question is, how do we actually price our work?

To answer it simply, we price our work based on the amount of man-hours put in to delivering a product, the equipment we use, insurance, as well as our overhead costs. 

"Budget" photographers that promise you 20-30+ images completely "edited" are able to do this because their editing is either fully automated, outsourced, or is minimal. If anything, the majority of photographers, especially in the boudoir industry, fall into this category. While smart businesspeople, these photographers market to the client's weaknesses in terms of retouching knowledge. The photographs delivered are often too "smooth", not smooth at all, or are unrealistic. Automated software exhibits these side-effects very often, yet many people do not question it.

Professionals in the mid to high price range are simply unable to offer such a quantity or such a low price because they provide much more input into creating your final product(s). These photographers meticulously and diligently retouch your photographs manually to their own personal standards. Images appear natural, more artful, and generally of higher quality than low-cost artists. To add, these photographers have higher overhead costs consisting of equipment, insurance, travel, additional staff, etc. This class of artist has also usually generated a reputation in the industry as a leading figure rather than a businessperson. These artists do not use "presets", automatic software, or any methods of "cutting corners" and delivering your images quickly. 

The classic saying, "time is money", is the best way to think about the difference between low and high priced artists. Higher priced artists, unless they are celebrities, will charge more because they spend more time carefully perfecting your photographs.

At ABP, we do not offer packages of "30 retouched images" or more simply because we do not accept automatic enhancement or presets as means of retouching. We do not trust software to judge the faults in our images. We also do not outsource any of our work. Everything is done in-house with skills perfected over the last 10 years. Most importantly, your images will never be similar to anyone else's. Each session with us is a unique work of art in progress.

Our work, and many other photographers' work, is expensive. Is it obscenely expensive? No. 

If you are not in a position to book a high-end photography session but you do want to shoot boudoir, don't start searching for a budget photographer. Rather, save your hard-earned money and invest in an artist that will deliver images that are truly unique and completely retouched by hand. Not only will you receive your money's worth, your images will remain timeless and will not share similarities with image sets from past clients. If you want a truly unique, artisanal, high-end set of photographs, always book the true artist and not the businessperson.

In Long Island alone, our Boudoir Photography clients have noticed a large difference between our photographs and those of a budget/generic studio. They frequently commend our retouching, our composition, and our overall fantasy-like styling.

Whether you choose ABP or another talented artist, skip the budget studio and purchase a session that you will appreciate for years to come. 

If you are unsatisfied with the quality and styling of a photo taken in a department store portrait studio or at a mall, then you will be unsatisfied with the quality and styling of a budget photographer. 






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