Why Photography is Important When Selling or Buying Real Estate

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Photography is a means of expression for most photographers, but to a business photos are an excellent and essential marketing tool. A great example of this is real estate.

Have you ever tried to look for the “perfect place” to live? Are you a business owner who’s decided it’s time to take a step up from your current location? At some point or another, everyone has faced the real estate market first hand.

What did you feel when you found a location with a great description but no picture? You wondered whether the seller had something to hide. Maybe it was too good to be true. It might not be worth it to explore the location if the next location on the list had a picture. It’s hard to admit that the picture didn’t draw you in first. Let’s face facts. You already know what you’re looking for by the time you’re looking for a new location. Without being able to visualize what you’re being sold on, you’ll be much less likely to pull the trigger at the end of the day. Marketing is the cherry on top of your real estate dessert.

You’ve just put yourself in the mindset of the customer. Now it’s time to translate it to business. You’ve got a place to sell, a house or a building. You’re looking to make a newly married couple your next customers; you’re looking to make sure that business owner can see himself at your commercial location. Both of these customers are consumers first. They need to consume the information you give them. The best, most critical piece of that puzzle is what you help them visualize. That’s effective marketing at its finest.


Will that large window in the kitchen facing east be exactly what your recently-retired clientele needs for their morning breakfast? Is the business owner going to be floored when he sees the pictures of that renovated and modernized two-story office building you’ve got under your sleeve?

If a picture say a thousand words, let those words shine with the right pictures. Marketing is a vital tool, and to make your most crucial asset the best selling point is to be the best you that you can be.


-Steven Feldman, Marketing/PR Manager




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