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Taken in Long Island, New York.

Boudoir photography is making a strong comeback in the US today. Women from all over are booking sessions to show themselves off in classy lingerie, provocative outfits, and sultry poses. Boudoir itself still maintains a certain level of class, often one that many photographers fail to adhere to. Boudoir itself needs to remain "sexy" yet still "artful". In a world plagued by "in-your-face" glamour models and strong "commercial" imagery, this vintage style of shooting often gets misinterpreted.

Here are six things you should consider when choosing a photographer for your next boudoir session.


1. Does your photographer understand what a "classy" image is?

Your photographer should be able to stick to a certain type of posing, composition, and lighting for your boudoir session. On top of it all, the photographer should have a working knowledge of color palettes and what complimentary overall tones are considered classy and high-end. If your photographer generally shoots overly vibrant glamour images or "popping" pin-up images, chances are s/he is unable to properly create a boudoir image the way it's supposed to be.

2. Is your photographer equipped with the right gear?

Modern boudoir calls for a strong use of natural light with a subtle blend of artificial light thrown into the mix. It also calls for the use of moderately shallow depth-of-field and sharp focus on important areas of the image. When booking a session, ensure that your photographer has two or more lighting setups, a few large-aperture lenses, and some reflectors. 

3. Can your photographer retouch? Is the retouching realistic?

When shooting boudoir, you bare it all. As a model, there will be plenty of exposed skin. Being human, photographers realize that our models are not physically perfect. As an individual, you probably realize that you aren't physically perfect. Is this an insult? No. Our cameras pick up more detail than the human eye can visually see most of the time. More detail means more flaws. Ensure that your photographer is equipped with the retouching ability to remove and correct these flaws to ensure your image is clean and timeless. Do we mean that your photographer should photoshop 50lbs off your body? No. Either way, retouching should be natural looking and aim to produce an image that remains true to the original image as it was shot out of the camera.

4. Does your photographer understand the female body and how it reacts to light?

Your photographer should have a working understanding on how to properly light and pose the female body. Simply asking a model to "sit on the bed" doesn't cut it. The photographer should be able to properly pose arms, legs, head, and torso sections. Also, the photographer should be able to direct natural looking facial expressions. If we want you to smile, we'll tell a joke. Saying "smile" only gives us an unnatural looking expression. Boudoir photographers should be able to not only pose our models correctly, but also bring out the emotions inside them to our cameras.

5. Has the photographer done this before?

Boudoir is a fairly difficult thing to shoot. Ensure that your photographer has completed a boudoir session in the past with success. The last thing you want on your shooting day is for your photographer to be clueless about how the boudoir theme should be expressed, how to light the model, how to pose her, and how to not get distracted by other things in the room. Boudoir is a very focussed form of shooting, Boudoir posing as it is is very different from the general portrait collection of poses. To sum things up, boudoir isn't the simplest type of photography, make sure your photographer is ready and confident.


-Aakaash Bali



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