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How To SKYROCKET Your Career In Modeling By Using Instagram

June 21, 2017
We've all seen them. Model accounts on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers. Tons of likes, comments, and almost somewhat of a "community" seems to exist aro...
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10 Reasons Why Boudoir Photos Shouldn't Make You Nervous | Long Island Boudoir Photography

May 19, 2015
So, you're somewhat intrigued by boudoir photography. You love how something so risqué can be so classy and artful at the same time. Yet, you look at boudoir photography...
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Why You Shouldn't Look For the Best Price on Boudoir Photography

March 17, 2015
In the world of Professional Photography, you'll find hundreds, if not thousands of photographers. Many are highly skilled, many are still learning, and many are very new...
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Why Our Boudoir Models Are Stronger Than You.

February 25, 2015
Aakaash B Photography is an award winning group of talented young artists based in Westbury, NY. Serving Long Island, New York City, and much of the Tri-State area. We of...
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Why Photography is Important When Selling or Buying Real Estate

January 22, 2015
Photography is a means of expression for most photographers, but to a business photos are an excellent and essential marketing tool. A great example of this is real estat...
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Why I do what I do.

December 03, 2014
I grew up in a traditional Indian household. My parents, now getting older each day, pressured me into medical school or law school. I grew up not taking their lead or th...
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6 Things To Consider When Choosing a Boudoir Photographer | Aakaash B Photography | Long Island, NY

August 12, 2014
Boudoir photography is making a strong comeback in the US today. Women from all over are booking sessions to show themselves off in classy lingerie, provocative outfits,...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer

August 02, 2014
When people are shopping around for photographers, if looking into professionals, many seem to seek out the "budget guys" or the newcomers. Some even choose to cover thei...
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Back Button Focus: Why I Use it.

July 21, 2014
Back button focus is an incredibly useful tweak you can make on most modern dSLR camera bodies. For myself, it's applied on both my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and my 7D. On mo...
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Out with the New, In with the Old? (Part 1 of 2)

March 23, 2014
Recent culture has taken a dramatic shift against cultural norms and advances in technology. Hobbyists and connoisseurs of all crafts have suddenly taken a step back to “...
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